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Tackling climate change is undoubtedly a key driver for making buildings more energy efficient.

Since the introduction of legislation in the UK, new builds must now meet certain requirements for conserving power and fuel to ensure a reduction in carbon emissions. But with 90% of the UK’s building stock expected to still be in use in 2050, building and facility managers must also consider how they can conserve energy in existing buildings.


Save energy, save money

Improving energy efficiency isn’t just good for the environment – it also makes good business sense too. By taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint, you will reduce your operating costs and utility bills, saving your business money.

Whatever your motivation for saving energy, Prioto’s money-saving solutions ensure the comfort of those using your building while reducing (or regulating) the use of high energy-using electrical systems and other structures.

Heating Systems

On average, 40% of an organisation’s electricity costs come from heating, and it’s a common mistake for businesses to overheat by warming areas of their building (such as corridors, storerooms, etc.) that don’t need to be as warm as occupied areas.

While we can integrate with any conventional heating solutions, our preferred heaters are healthy, infrared wall- or ceiling-mounted heaters, or radiant heat skirting board – all of which have the added benefit of saving precious space in your building.

Examples of how Prioto solutions can reduce your business’ heating bills include:

  • Detecting when a room or area is unoccupied and automatically reducing or switching off the heating;
  • Monitoring the running hours of heaters and alerting when a service is due;
  • Configuring thermostats and maintaining optimal temperatures for different zones of your building;
  • Monitoring your energy spend to provide complete transparency and insight into where further savings can be made.

On average, 17% of an organisation’s electricity costs come from lighting. Effective and efficient lighting can have a positive impact on your employees and customers. Coupled with Prioto’s lighting solutions and LEDs, your bottom line can benefit from immense cost savings too.

We supply high-tech, LED lighting that will save your business 60-70% on energy bills upon installation alone. Similar to Prioto’s heating solutions, your business can save money by installing Prioto lighting that will:

  • Automatically switch off when sensors detect the room is unoccupied;
  • Tailor and configure intelligent light sequences that suit a typical business day or that react to situations (for example, a combination of full lighting, dimmed lighting, and task lighting in a restaurant, or fire station lights being turned on automatically when a call-out is received); and
  • Ensure exterior lighting is only turned on during hours of darkness.

Read more about how to make energy-efficient lighting work for your clients, your properties, and the environment in our blog.


Prioto sensors can detect when doors are open/closed and automatically turn off/on heating and cooling systems to your pre-configured settings.

Our intelligent system can also send alerts and notifications when a door is left open, a feature that is of particular benefit within the care industry.

Carbon DioxideCarbon Dioxide Monitoring

Natural and harmless in small amounts, Carbon Dioxide is produced by the air we exhale.

Indoors, it concentrates when there is less ventilation and as levels rise, it can impact health, wellbeing, and productivity.

For example, in places such as schools, offices, and care homes, high levels of CO2 are linked to high sick leave.

Prioto can monitor the CO2 levels within your building (or in specific zones) and send safety alerts when they exceed 1000ppm. If Prioto detects that levels are rising above 1500pm, extractor fans will automatically switch on to pull and circulate fresh air.

Electrical Maintenance Monitoring

Timely maintenance is another way to save your business money. Regularly serviced electrical appliances tend to have a longer life, meaning they don’t have to be replaced or discarded as quickly.

But how do you know when to book in a maintenance engineer?

For many businesses, scheduled maintenance of electrical appliances is carried out annually from the date of installation when in fact, the manufacturers’ advice is often to service every 500 hours, typically.

“Every 500 hours” can vary from appliance to appliance and business to business but Prioto takes the guesswork out of knowing when to schedule maintenance, saving your business money.

Prioto electrical maintenance monitoring

Increase the longevity of your appliances by alerting you to their service needs + Stop paying for costly annual maintenance on electrical equipment that takes, for example, two years to run 500 hours = Money saved

Fault Detection

From heating and lighting failures to a drop in pool pH levels, Prioto acts as a preventative maintenance tool – alerting you timeously to faults so that you can arrange repairs with minimum disruption and downtime to the day-to-day running of your business.

Security Detection

As a secondary security solution, Prioto can send alerts about door/window breaches as well as notify you when the last employee has left the building, securing the premises and setting intruder alarms as part of routine close-down operations.

Leak Detection

It is quite typical for water leaks to go undetected or to be responded to only once water damage becomes evident.

Installing Prioto’s wireless leak detection sensors in areas where leaks are common means facility managers will receive an alert the second water is detected, allowing them to act immediately to keep costly water damage to a minimum.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Prioto safely and reliably detects smoke or carbon monoxide and will issue a warning alert in emergencies. A highly intelligent solution, it will take into account temperature fluctuations in the room, switch on emergency lighting, and can be configured to carry out other safety tasks in the event of an emergency.

Humidity Monitoring

Room climate – namely, a combination of temperature, humidity, and air quality – has a significant influence on the fabric of buildings as well as the general wellbeing of staff. When these variables are not in harmony, it can affect the way a building operates.

It’s highly likely that room climate will differ from room-to-room within your business or building – for example, co-working offices and meeting rooms, staff kitchen areas and corridors, and so on.

Prioto’s humidity and temperature sensor can reliably read and interpret these different variables, for each different room or zone, and adjust heating, cooling and ventilation accordingly.

EV Charging

With the sale of electric vehicles (EVs) growing, and plans to end the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035, now is the time to future-proof your business.

We can supply and install workplace EV charging points across the UK, and from Prioto’s easy-to-use app, you can:

  • Discreetly monitor all charging units installed at your business locations
  • Remotely control each individual charging unit
  • Gain insights into charging usage including energy consumption
  • Receive alerts to your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop once your EV is fully charged

Find out why replacing your fleet with electric vehicles makes good business sense.

Refrigeration and Chilling

In the retail industry, particularly food retailers, refrigerators and freezers use the largest amount of energy. Prioto can make your system more efficient by monitoring temperature, providing maintenance alerts and reducing the load with other energy-saving technologies such as humidity monitoring, LED lights, occupancy sensors, cabinet loading volume detection, and more.

Blinds and Shutters

Prioto easily integrates with electric awnings, blinds, curtains, and shutters to allow you to incorporate shading into your room or office. The Prioto sensors will monitor for changes in temperature and sun position, and the electric blinds will adjust automatically.

Other Electrical Appliances

The list of electrical appliances that could potentially integrate successfully with Prioto is vast; the above list is only indicative. The team are expert systems integrators. If there’s an electrical appliance that you would like to control, manage and monitor remotely by deploying a Prioto solution, then please get in touch. Every Prioto solution can be scaled and tailored at the design stage to suit your business, building, and budget.

Contact us on 0330 010 0760 to find out how Prioto solutions could operate in your buildings.

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