Social Housing FM’s: Smart solution aids carbon reduction

Social Housing FM’s: Smart solution aids carbon reduction


Social Housing FM’s: Smart solution aids carbon reduction

Facility managers in the public and private sector housing market hold demanding roles. Changes to the law will require them to work harder to ensure the home life of their tenants is comfortable and eco-friendly. In conjunction with Prioto, we can create better, smarter and cheaper dwellings while meeting government energy efficiency regulations.

We know that poor energy efficiency results in higher energy bills, and soon we will have to play a part in ensuring we meet new laws. There are ongoing changes to regulations for energy efficiency ratings for private landlords. The changes will look at factors such as energy consumption based on a building’s age, type, its heating and water systems, insulation, CO2 emissions and boiler efficiency.

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Managing a housing association? Then you can use Prioto to remotely monitor individual properties - making it safer in the day-to-day for your employees while saving money and reducing carbon. Social landlords can check appliances remotely from their phone, tablet or desktop without having to risk verbal, or physical, attack. If you’re worried that there are too many people living in a property, Prioto can remotely monitor CO2 levels. Prioto will detect if there is overcrowding and send an alert - preventing you from inadvertently breaking the law. Protecting the property from any damage as a result of overcrowding will save you money and protect your tenants’ wellbeing.

Fault detection is a major bugbear when looking after buildings. It’s often hard to spot before the damage is done. You can wait for a tenant to report it, or, with a Prioto tailored solution, you can receive an alert when conditions within a property have changed. Being proactive with Prioto saves time and money – facility managers can do ‘less reacting to issues’ and focus on being more proactive in their role. 

Annual servicing is one of your most essential yet expensive outlays. Boiler systems and air conditioning units’ uses are based on the seasons. Still, they incur a monthly or annual fee that can be financially crippling. One winter or summer can be colder or hotter than another. A cold snap in the spring can be a burden for heating systems, but if Prioto is monitoring on your behalf, you can control it in your own time. More significantly, you’ll know when it’s time to request and pay for maintenance. It means paying for services if and when you need them rather than throughout the year whether you’ve used them or not.

We have to play our part as individuals and business owners to reduce carbon emissions. Decreasing our carbon footprint is a significant Prioto ambition. With us onside you’re showing how you’re ahead of the curve, enhancing your reputation by acting before government regulations become law.

Download our leaflet (PDF) for more information on how Prioto can benefit social housing.

Contact us to discuss your carbon reduction targets and find out how Prioto can help you achieve them.

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