Smarter buildings: More than bricks and mortar

Smarter buildings: More than bricks and mortar


Smarter buildings: More than bricks and mortar

‘Smarter buildings’ is one of the buzz words of the environmentally-friendly 21st century. It stands for all that is safe, clean and healthy about our daily lives and is one of the shining lights in the campaign to create carbon-neutral societies. It can seem overwhelming to keep abreast of initiatives that can help climate change, but with the help of Prioto’s tailored solutions, ambitions can be realised on personal and professional levels.

With a range of tailored solutions downscaled or upscaled to suit your particular needs, building size, and budget, the days of BMS being the preserve of large companies with a huge workforce are over. Prioto works alongside a diverse range of clients, from the private individual who wants the best for their loved one, to SMEs that are in need of energy-efficient solutions but who need to keep a close eye on the finances.

In today’s society where people live longer and work longer, you may not have the luxury of being able to live with, or near to, an older loved one. But a Prioto solution tailored to suit an individual client concerned about an elderly relative can, with the minimum of disturbance to your loved one, create and install a bespoke system that will send alerts when doors are opened and left unlocked. Sensors will alert you if your elderly relative has left the house unaccompanied, or if they’ve left the cooker on or the bath running. More on this particular scenario can be found in our sheltered housing case study.

If your responsibilities are on a larger scale, such as running a care home or an assisted living dwelling, it means scrutiny is at the highest levels to ensure the comfort our older and less abled citizens deserve. It used to be that we only learned about accidents once they happened. The damage to property pales into insignificance when measured against the distress and loss of dignity of our loved ones and those it is our privilege to care for.

Even those who aim to make our precious downtime as comfortable and enjoyable as possible can be carbon-neutral savvy. If you run a gym you’ll be acutely aware of the importance of the lighting and temperature in your workout studios and swimming pools. There is potential for a lot of wasted heating and lighting when certain services are not being used and major investment and expense are lost during the daily upkeep. This incurs huge costs and is not energy efficient. Yet Prioto can attach sensors to your electrical systems, which you then control, to monitor heat and light within each space, including your pool, to suit peak and off-peak times.

Contact us to discuss your carbon reduction targets and to find out how Prioto can help you achieve them.

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