Gauging the temperature: When heat works best

Gauging the temperature: When heat works best


Gauging the temperature: When heat works best

We want to be warm when we feel cold, to be cool when we’re hot, to have light when it’s dark, and to seek darkness/dimness when it is too bright.

Following on from our blog about the discussions taking place on how to create better, healthier lighting for our customers and the environment, we turn our attention to how best to stay warm and comfortable without compromising our carbon footprint.

An uninsulated building loses a third of its heat through its walls and another one quarter through its roof. It’s like going for a winter walk without a coat and hat and wondering why we’re freezing. As individual citizens and business owners, we are all being encouraged to find ways to help tackle climate change. At Prioto, we have some suggestions that not only help but save money too.

If you run a crèche or nursery then ensuring the infants and toddlers are safe in your care is paramount. We can design and install a system that allows for a responsive room temperature, controlled to complement the waking/napping/playing routines of the boys and girls in your care. This is thanks to the introduction of major alternatives to traditional heating systems such as ThermaSkirt, manufactured by Prioto’s technology partners, DiscreteHeat. The premise is simple, cost-effective, easy to install, energy efficient, and can be controlled and monitored using the Prioto app on your smartphone.

This is not a luxury that is available only to large companies with deep pockets. Technology is now so far advanced to the point where we can scale solutions to meet the needs of the smallest of businesses.

Let’s face it, no amount of shape shifting, or funky coloured paint can disguise the fact that radiators are unsightly space wasters. With ThermaSkirt they are a thing of the past, freeing up precious space in small or large rooms but heating just as quickly as their wall mounted forbearers. With DiscreteHeat, the source of the warmth is hidden but the benefits are immediate.

New buildings are now designed with low carbon standards, but our solutions are not just for new builds. If your office, shop, restaurant, social housing or care home is currently captive to ill-placed radiators, we can transform your space with a stress-free retrofit. It cuts bills, carbon emissions and it’s cleaner, warmer and healthier. Retrofitting means we connect to conventional plumbing and electrical heating so there’s no damage to walls or floors. Arranging furniture is no longer a logistical nightmare as you free up space in every room in your workplace: your desks, cabinets, tables, chairs can be placed anywhere you choose without worrying about fitting them around a clunky radiator.

Contact us to discuss your business heating requirements and to find out more about ThermaSkirt, download our flyer.

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