Sport & Leisure

Sport & Leisure

Due to the very nature of the business, sports facilities use a lot of electricity – from lighting, heating, and air conditioning to powering electronic equipment such as treadmills and steppers.

For facilities that operate swimming pools and health suites even more energy is required to ensure efficient ventilation and for keeping the environment at an optimum temperature.

Managing a sports facility means catering to the constant footfall of visitors that require access to various parts of your building, and all at different times of the day and evening. It’s no wonder then that utility bills can easily spiral out of control!

The population is becoming increasingly more health-aware. Combined with the rise of initiatives to tackle inactivity and obesity, competition in the industry is intense. Don’t let a poorly optimised building ruin your chance of keeping up with competitors. Install Prioto solutions to ensure your customers are working out in a comfortable environment while limiting the likelihood of incurring problems that can arise from bad odours, condensation and mould.

Prioto solutions offer a range of automation, scheduling and control functions that are ideal for a sports and leisure facility; ensuring the comfort of your members and visitors, and allowing you to benefit from cost-savings from lower energy bills.


Prioto options + Sport & Leisure

  • Take control of heating and lighting by monitoring facility usage and configuring Prioto to your booking system or peak usage times
  • Easily create daily, weekly or monthly automated schedules (for example, for heating, lighting, keyholders) based on your fitness class timetables, opening times, etc.
  • Automate lighting in changing rooms and toilets to ensure lights are switched off when the last person leaves
  • As well as counting daily footfall, installed sensors can quickly show reception staff which areas of the building are unoccupied
  • Easily schedule and manage floodlights and perimeter lighting for outdoor areas (e.g. pitches, athletics track, tennis courts, etc.), saving your staff time
  • Stay on top of maintenance – Prioto can accurately monitor the running hours of your air conditioning system, floodlights, and even the pH of your pool; take the guesswork out of when equipment needs to be maintained and only pay for servicing when it’s due, saving your business time and money
  • Secure and monitor doors and windows
  • Reduce energy by only having heating and lighting on when changing areas or office areas are in use
  • Safety features with staff panic alerts
  • Remotely control shutters and door opening, and receive alerts and notifications – for example, you can be alerted if the duty manager/keyholder fails to open the centre doors by a certain time
  • …and much, much more.

Examples of where Prioto can work in the sports & leisure industry

Fitness Studios
Changing Rooms
Swimming Pools
Health Suites
Outdoor pitches and courts
Creche Facilities

It’s never been easier to stay in control on your facility’s energy use

  1.  Take control of your lighting, heating, cooling and more.
  2. Reduce the burden on staff and eliminate guesswork around maintenance plans.
  3. Save your business time and money while enhancing customer comfort and experience.

Prioto offers intelligent solutions for smarter buildings.

Contact us to find out how we could reduce your energy consumption, save your housing association money, and increase the comfort of your tenants.

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