Emergency Services

Emergency Services

The emergency services provide critical assistance daily across a wide geographic footprint – from law enforcement, criminal investigation, maintaining public order, firefighting, technical rescue, hazardous materials response, and maritime/coastal search & rescue.

  • The Police Service has over 40 territorial forces plus three special forces operating throughout the UK.
  • The Fire and Rescue Service operate retained crews reporting to stations in remote or rural locations to whole time or day/night crews in stations throughout major towns and cities.
  • The Coastguard has numerous operation centres up and down the coast of the UK.

Due to the very nature of their work, it’s crucial that emergency services personnel are based in buildings – whether in a fire station or operation centre – that offer the right conditions to allow them to carry out their jobs effectively.

Besides lighting and ventilation, the buildings need to be secure, warm, free from mould, condensation and dampness.

Prioto solutions offer emergency services the ability to remotely control, manage, and monitor their heating, lighting, humidity, and many more.

Emergency Services

Prioto options + Emergency Services

  • Facility and energy managers can monitor and schedule heating and lighting
  • Healthy infrared heating reduces or eliminates mould, condensation and dampness – particularly crucial in areas where equipment is stored or where uniform needs to dry quickly for the next emergency call-out.
  • Save time by remotely controlling the heating, lighting or security at each location, removing the need for site visits
  • The ability to control, monitor and schedule heating, lighting, doors (e.g. appliance bay doors in fire stations) – for example, when a call-out is raised, Prioto can be configured to turn all lights on, saving valuable time. When the crew leave, Prioto sensors will detect the building is unoccupied and turn the lights off again
  • Save money and cut energy waste by automatically switching off heating when doors and/or windows are left open
  • Be notified when Prioto detects motion in the building and control heating, lighting, etc. accordingly
  • Gather maintenance data – for example, count the number of times appliance bay doors are opened/closed and take the guesswork out of when to arrange servicing
  • Can be retrofitted to your existing central heating system to allow you to control and monitor energy usage for each individual heater/radiator, or different zones within your building
  • Compare energy data between buildings
  • Intruder alarm alerts based on internal motion and/or breach of windows/doors
  • Temperature monitoring in multiple zones
  • Window and door sensors to alert if heating is on while a window is open
  • Boost heating in the drying areas automatically when a call-out is received – this ensures the room is warm when the crew returns with wet uniform
  • Prevent high utility bills as a result of personnel leaving the heating on for days at as time in unoccupied/retained stations
  • …and much, much more

It’s never been easier to stay in control of your building’s energy use

  1. Install Prioto and control your whole building from your smartphone.
  2. Configure Prioto for optimal building performance and energy savings, while improving the level of comfort of building occupants.
  3. Cut energy bills and save time by controlling and automating heating, lighting, and more.

Prioto Intelligent solutions for smarter buildings.

Contact us to find out how we could reduce your energy consumption, save your housing association money, and increase the comfort of your employees.

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