Young people, people with disabilities or limited mobility, and the elderly are three of the most vulnerable groups in our modern society, and it’s crucial for their health and wellbeing that the buildings in which they are cared for and nurtured are running at an optimum level.

For young people in nurseries, Prioto can detect motion and sound, provide controllable healthy heating, automate individual room temperatures (warmer for nap times, cooler for play times), monitor doors and windows, and much much more.

For the elderly in assisted living accommodation, Prioto allows carers (both professional within the care facility as well as their loved ones at home) to monitor them from afar; offering great peace of mind while allowing them to live independently, comfortably, and safely. For example, sensors can detect and alert carers to when a cooker has not been turned off, or if the bath has been allowed to overflow.

With extensive expertise and knowledge of the broad range of requirements of vulnerable groups, Prioto solutions can be tailored to suit your care facility or loved one.

The potential for Prioto to improve security measures, facilitate safe, independent living, and improve social integration for the most vulnerable people in the community is endless.

Assisted Living

Prioto options + Care

  • Easy to use app that can be used by facility managers, loved ones, or by the individual themselves
  • Discreet monitoring of care subjects by facility managers, nurses/orderlies, and loved ones
  • Remotely switch on or off electrical devices based on time and other pre-configured preferences (from bedside lamps to light up their room before bedtime, to turning on televisions ahead of their favourite programme (and switching them all off again))
  • Automate room lighting and pre-configure scenarios – for example, upon awakening and at bedtime
  • Monitor movement of care subjects. For example, a duty manager can be alerted if a door is opened outwith the regular operating times indicating that a care subject has wandered late at night. Or with the deployment of multiple sensors that assess the care subject’s movements, Prioto can detect irregular patterns of movement that could imply a care subject has had a fall or hasn’t been able to get out of bed.
  • Remotely monitor and control individual room temperatures and brightness for occupant comfort
  • Healthy infrared heating reduces dust circulation, lowers moisture and dampness, and improves blood circulation (unlike standard radiators, IR heating penetrates beneath the surface of the skin, warming up your whole body)
  • Receive life-saving alerts to your mobile phone, tablet or desktop from our secondary wireless smoke or carbon monoxide detectors
  • Remotely turn off appliances that have been left on, reducing risk and saving lives
  • Receive alerts if a room exceeds humidity levels, or if a leak is detected
  • Reduced utility bills from scheduling and automating energy-saving heating and lighting
  • Care subjects can quickly and easily call for assistance if they are unwell or in distress
  • …and much, much more

Examples of where Prioto can work in the care industry

Assisted living accommodation
Sheltered housing
Nursing homes
Pre-school nurseries
After-school clubs
Community centres

Prioto can also assist people with disabilities or limited mobility, the infirm, their families and carers at home.

Contact us to discover how our solutions can assist with the care of your loved one.

Prioto understands that each user will have a unique set of needs and will tailor the system to maximise benefits for the user.

Contact us to find out how we could reduce your energy consumption, save your care business money, and offer peace of mind.

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