Sheltered Housing Apartment

Sheltered Housing Apartment

Safe as houses

Prioto offers peace of mind for carers

Sheltered Housing Apartment

The challenge

Daniel’s mother, Mrs Booth, is 86 years old. She resides in a private sheltered housing unit in East Dunbartonshire and was often to be found sitting in her studio apartment with her coat on; afraid to turn up her heating because she worried about running up a costly heating bill.

Mrs Booth has medication to take and is visited three times a day by carers. While her age and medical conditions make her vulnerable, she enjoys living independently.

Daniel, however, sought after a solution that would permit him to monitor his mother’s wellbeing from afar whilst allowing her to maintain the independence she enjoys.

His main concerns related to the heating of her open plan living/kitchen area, small hallway, bedroom and toilet, and the monitoring of her front door opening to allow entry of her carers.

For me, it’s knowing that she’s comfortable and safe in her own home. I know the schedule of when her carers come and go, and I can see on the app when her front door opens to allow them entry. If it alerts me at 11pm, then I know something potentially isn’t right, and I can act quickly to keep her safe.

D. Booth, Carer

The solution

The house was originally heated with traditional convection heaters and it was either too warm or too cold. The team removed the old heaters and installed Far Infrared (FIR) heaters in her living room and bedroom, as well as a heated IR mirror in her bathroom. The heating can now be controlled remotely or set up as a schedule.

We also installed sensors to monitor temperature. This allows Daniel to remotely check how warm or cold the apartment is at any given time of day, and he can manipulate it – boost it on/off or increase/decrease – from his phone or laptop.

Additionally, the installation of a wireless leak detector in the bathroom that is connected to the Prioto system means that should a tap ever be left running, Daniel would be alerted straight away.

Finally, door contacts were installed to allow Daniel to monitor who was coming and going at his mother’s apartment, and also to check that she hadn’t wandered outside after dark.

Contact us to find out how we could reduce your energy consumption, save your care business money, and offer peace of mind.

The result

Whilst energy savings are being made from the Prioto installation, it’s the occupant comfort that is the most significant benefit for Daniel and his mother – gone are the days of sitting indoors with a coat on!

The convenience of being able to remotely control the infrared heaters in the apartment using the app on his mobile phone is a significant benefit. Even when his phone screen is locked, the alerts are visible until he dismisses them so it is unlikely notifications will be missed.

The sensor on Mrs Booth’s front door offers great peace of mind to Daniel, and he can quite accurately pinpoint when the carers have visited.

The Prioto solutions have allowed Daniel to monitor his mother from afar while facilitating her to live independently, comfortably, and above all, safely.

About Prioto

Prioto offers intelligent solutions for controlling, monitoring, and reporting on a range of functions within commercial buildings such as heating, lighting, fire safety, access controls, footfall, leak detection, fault identification, CO/CO2, maintenance alerts, and much, much more.

Prioto solutions are for building and facility managers looking to achieve energy efficiency savings by optimising their building’s performance while improving the conditions of the employees and customers using the building.

Historically, affordability and capital barriers have prevented many businesses from installing a Building Management System (BMS) or Building Automation System (BAS); particularly for smaller businesses and buildings.

Prioto’s solutions can be tailored and scaled to suit any size of business and building, and are within the financial means of SMEs. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), Prioto offers an abundance of automation, alerts, and controls similar to a BMS. A comfortable, controlled, and energy-efficient building is within reach of even the smallest of businesses.

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